Mitch Abshere, owner of Captain Fin, is collaborating on SRF CTY with limited edition board bags. Having surfed since he was a kid, Mitch knows what's up. He tells us his thoughts on SRF CTY.

What is the worst part about surfing in the city? Crocs in the sewers.

Isn’t it a pain in tha ass to surf in NYC? I have a helicopter, so not that bad for me.

Have you ever been at the helm of NY Tugboat? I can honestly say, “yes.”

How can Mayor Bloomberg make NYC more surf friendly? Let everyone have helicopter???

Should city surfers have holes in their boards to lock them up at the beach? Ya much better water flow, better turns! 

Mitch in action. Image from Coast Thru Life blog.

Does dazzle really make the wave look bigger in a mag photo? Of course… physics 101.

Wouldn’t it be easier to live in Hawaii? Only because you can tan better.

Why do people in NY only surf on Saturdays? I think because of the shop Saturdays?

Check out a showing of "Be Cool Man", a film by Mitch Abshere tonight at Union Pool & other news at Captain Fin here!

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