From Zero to Hero

Last night at the Zero Waste opening reception, both those of us in and not in fashion production learned quite a bit even in just the two hours. On one wall are the Zero Waste design prototypes created in muslin, and on another is a comments/brainstorm area on what sustainable and zero waste design could mean. Smack in the middle hang the five finalist pieces finished in denim. The goal was the use as much of the cloth and discard as little as possible, hence Zero Waste design. 

To create a piece in this way takes a new perspective on design - assistant professor Timo who spearheaded the program emphasized thinking in terms of negative and positive space. The plus signs and circles are a reminder of this process and its importance in Zero Waste design. The program was the first of its kind, and, as the School of Fashion Dean Simon Collins remarked, no one really knew what the end result would be like. But we think we were all blown away by the designs and the fact that Zero-Waste design is possible. 

Check out pictures from last night's event, the finalist designs, and the chosen piece to be produced and sold in stores come Fall 2011! 

A finalist design.

A finalist design.

A finalist design.


A finalist design.

The chosen piece with its designer Andria Crescioni, Parsons School of Fashion Dean Simon Collins, and Loomstate co-founders Scott and Rogan.

The chosen denim anorak!

The anorak as a muslin prototype.

An array of other prototypes from the class.

More info at Parsons. The exhibit will be up until February 23rd, so pop into 66 Fifth Ave (at 13th Street) and check it out!

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