Loomstate goes to the Park!

One of the best things about NYC in the Spring time is that we can hang out outside at one of many green spaces in the city. We were just dreaming of being able to enjoy the warm weather in a few months and lay around on fresh cut grass when we stumbled upon Park Here! 

A new indoor pop-up park, Park Here will be open until January 30th at Openhouse Gallery, a New York event venue at Mulberry and Kenmare. Instead of renting out the space to vendors this month, Openhouse has turned all 4,500 sq ft. into a free public park. With ample realistic greenery from American Foliage, forest wallpaper and a makeshift pond, this is a great spot to get outside yet away from the cold.

A nice unoccupied spot. Naptime anyone?

A pink see-saw! Not just for the kids.

A slew of events will be held in the space all month, from yoga and pilates classes to movie screenings. Food vendors join in on the weekends so you can meet up with friends in the warm indoors and stay there for hours. Check out their Facebook page for more info and it's a must visit if you're in Soho!

Park Here at Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry (between Spring and Kenmare)
Open daily 11am - 6pm
Now until 1/30

--- Viv

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Greg said...

Hi Viv,

My name is Greg, and I'm the new (and first) director of content here at Openhouse Gallery. Thanks so much for writing about Park Here, and I hope you had fun!

As a small biz, we're looking to increase our visibility on Google. One powerful way is to link from specific anchor text. Can you please help us out by changing the sentence "Openhouse Gallery, a venue space at Mulberry and Kenmare" to "Openhouse Gallery, a New York event venue at Mulberry and Kenmare" and hyperlink from "New York event venue"?

Odd request, I know, but it'll definitely help us out. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Very, very happy to feature you on our blog, Facebook, Twitter or help in other ways.