With the exception of a few beautiful sunny days last weekend, the New York winter has mostly been (now more than ever) cloudy, full of wet snow-slush that either becomes treacherous black ice or deceptively deep muddy puddles. I came across some photos taken on a trip to San Francisco over the holidays and was reminded of how the sun and the ocean can put people in such a better mood. Simply looking at them is relaxing (and may instigate a search for flights to CA). Below are a few more photos from a hike by the beach near SF to hopefully brighten up the day for those in the northeast.

The hiking trail.
One of several WWII military bunkers where soldiers hid to shoot at enemy planes.

The ocean in a different light, courtesy of nature.

Surfers waiting for a wave.
Left: A conventional cotton field.  Right: An organic cotton field.

Did You Know...? 
Conventional Seed Preparation
• Typically treats seeds with
• Uses GMO seeds for approximately
70% of US-grown cotton.

Organic Seed Preparation
• Uses UNTREATED seeds.
• NEVER USES GMO (genetically
modified organism) seeds.

Breathtaking images, such as the above, by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand from his "Earth from above" exhibit will be on show sometime this Spring in NYC. The photographs aim to show unique perspectives of the world and to "inspire people to think globally about sustainable living". Above is a photo of "a worker resting on bales of cotton" accompanied by interesting facts about cotton production. The exhibit will be up at the World Financial Center Plaza before moving to California. Take a peek here

Image via Boston.com

I can't wait to shed my winter layers...when the sun shines for more than 8 hours...when its warm enough to to go to the beach whenever I want!!

With winter energy bills at their peak, it's the perfect time to consider alternative ways to heat your home. We can use this last month of winter to evaluate the pros and cons of our existing heating systems.

Alternative heat is inspiring and involves clever design.

Explore the following links to evaluate the nascent systems that are currently gaining popularity:

Sierra Club - Heating Systems and Top Tips for your home

NRDC - Green Living Guides, and simple steps to '"keep your family health and eco-friendly"

GOOD - "Building a Better Future: Critical Questions on Heat": a series of questions about heat consumption.

Image via Good.is

Summer seems so far away, so Surf Lodge did us all a favor and brought a glimpse of it to New York! Outfitted in Loomstate gear, the Surf Lodge staff is now serving food and signature drinks at the pop-up cafe. They threw an afterparty with Spin Magazine to kick off Fashion Week, but if you're planning to attend a show at MILK, remember to check it out because the cafe is only there for a few more days.

Images courtesy of Ben Rowland Photography.
Steal the Surf Lodge staff's looks at Loomstate.

January was a busy month for Loomstate, but we got it together and we've brought you Spring!

It might not be summer yet, but our new arrivals will help keep you feeling sunny.