Seafood Watch!

Monterey Bay Aquarium has introduced a new update to its Seafood Watch app. The Seafood Watch app lets you look up different types of seafood (even sushi/sashimi names!) to check out their level of sustainability, which could help you make your choice at restaurants or even at the market thinking about what to make for dinner. The search results page or the guides, if you prefer not to search for a specific type, give a list of the kinds to avoid, the best choices and good alternatives. If you click on any one, it'll give more information on where it's caught and how, and reason for rating it as such. It'll also give you the sushi name if you happen to be at a Japanese restaurant.

The new update has added a social media-cum-GMap function Project Fishmap, which allows users to  recommend and share restaurants in their areas that serve sustainable seafood and rate them. The amount of information depends on the community's involvement (and it seems to be West Coast-skewed) but we can see this becoming a great resource!

--- Viv

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