Salvaged Furniture in Brooklyn

Levi Dresser made with salvaged walnut, oak, acacia, mahogany and poplar.

Nightwood designers Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron are metaphorically-speaking the two sides of a wood clamp that fuse together recycled materials into sound furniture, and simply-speaking the owners of a quickly growing green furniture business. 

Picasso portrait - Embroidered muslin-linen.

This Brooklyn-based home decor company is gaining street cred for its creative and resourceful take on furniture (you know we love reclaimed wood goods). The duo does everything from reclined salvaged chairs with vintage and organic materials, to crafting abandoned cabinets into coffee table storage spaces. You can also find hand-woven rugs, printed linens, and wood paintings to pair with the furniture.

Canyon bed - salvaged poplar, maple, walnut, oak.

The Nightwood Pop Up Shop at 189 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn is only open until December 14th, but contact them via e-mail with inquiries -

--- Annie

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