RFID Style

Nicole Mackinlay-Hahn showing the RFID on an issue of the New City Reader with "Mirror/Africa" in the background.

The Mackinlay-Hahn siblings with "Mirror/Africa".

Back in August, we posted about filmmaker Nicole Mackinlay-Hahn's interactive art installation "Mirror/Africa", where participants could hold up a RFID tag (like a bar code with more information and the ability to send information) and watch a video of the people behind the making of the product the tag is associated with. 

"Mirror/Africa" is now stationed at the New Museum on Bowery as a part of The Last Newspaper exhibit. Using the same RFID technology, the installation will be reading a page of the Style/Music issue of the New City Reader! Check it out at Bowery at Prince from now until January 9th.

More info on the exhibit can be found here and info on the original "Mirror/Africa" installation here
All images from Nicole Mackinlay-Hahn.

--- Viv

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