Surf for the Cause

Much too often travellers venture to beautiful international beach resorts to enjoy the white sand beaches, lapping waves and endless pina coladas served ocean-side, without even acknowledging the local culture outside of the front gates. Why even bother leaving the country?

Surf for the Cause, started by a group of socially-conscious surfers, brings a harmony to this imbalance and offers week-long international trips that are half surfing and half giving. This unique non-profit lets adventurous surfers of all levels to enjoy some of the finer swells in the world, while giving back to the local communities. Upcoming trips this winter are planned for Nicaragua in coordination with Flying Kites, which offers support for homeless, orphaned and abused children. So, hang ten and give a hand all in the same trip!

The group is also featured in a new documentary film, The Human Experience (watch the trailer). Check the website to volunteer, donate or plan a trip this winter, follow their blog, or stop in their new office in Green Point, Brooklyn to chat with one of the founders.

--- Annie

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