Recycled Art by John Dahlsen

In the spirit of Art Basel and Barbara de Vries' Plastic Is Forever installation opening at Arts for a Better World this Thursday... 

A triptych of paintings on canvas of found plastic objects, gathered from Australian beaches.

John Dahlsen is a nationally-regarded, environmentally-conscious artist from Australia who draws a surprising harmony between mass-produced material and the natural world. Ranging from wall-hangings and free-standing installations to paintings and totems, his pieces are all comprised of or feature found and recycled materials like driftwood, plastic waste and plastic bags gathered from Australian beaches. His talent for making paintings look like real objects and transforming waste into beautiful art greatly contributed to Australia's contemporary art movement. Not to mention giving all of us more creative ideas on how to reuse and recycle!

"Chasm". Found plastic objects assembled behind glass.

"White Plastics Panel" diptych. Found white plastic objects behind glass.

Monumental Environmental Artwork. The trunk and root of a camphor laurel tree.

Driftwood Sculpture Trio. 

"Blue River". Compressed found plastic bags behind glass.

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--- Annie 

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