Windy City Parking

Here in NYC, it's getting a bit cold and windy out, reminding us of a Windy City project we came across this summer at Crisp Green. The Greenway Self Park is not just a rendering - it has been open for business for months in downtown Chicago, using wind turbines to generate energy, offering relatively more energy conscious options like Zipcar and I-Go car sharing vehicles, and other eco-conscious tidbits. It may be a marketing strategy, but it's downtown Chicago - commuters will park wherever is most convenient regardless if it's green or not. So we'll just say it - it's cool that a large parking structure, not a specialized eco building or storefront, in a central location in a large city chose to try its hand at going green.

If you commute to downtown Chicago by car, this may be a spot to check out!

Image from Greenway Self Park.

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