Pumpkin Giant!

Weighing in at 1,810.5 pounds, this giant record-breaking pumpkin, grown by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wisconsin, is sitting pretty as the season's heaviest contender at the New York Botanical Garden. Though weight is the more important factor in this pumpkin contest (last year's winner weighed 1,725 pounds), the pumpkin measures more than 15 feet wide, which must make for a pretty fun climb for kids. It won't sit for long though. Noted giant pumpkin carver Scott Cully will have a go at breaking his 2007 record by carving a face and a smile.

Did you know that pumpkin carving was an Irish tradition that began with turnips and a story involving a man named Jack and the devil? When they came to the US, the Irish found the larger and more readily available pumpkin to be easier to carve. Read the story that originated "Jack O' Lantern" hereNJ.com has some other fun pumpkin facts here.

For your own pumpkin fun, here are simple instructions and templates for carving one.

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

Image from NJ.com.


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