Green Patriot Posters

Citing the immense success of WWII posters at mobilizing change, Green Patriot Posters is a compilation of posters centered around environmental issues, whether general or specific, aiming to hopefully mobilize our generation to work towards a more sustainable future. The messages from almost 70 years ago are eerily similar to the ones we spread today!

The almost 2" thick book is filled with work by upcoming and established artists, including Shepard Fairey, Michael Bierut, and more. In striving to spread the word on sustainability through powerful visuals, the book was printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable dye (which give the art this vintage quality) in the US, and the publisher purchased wind energy REC's to offset the paper and book production. 

Well, they threw a party atop The Standard Hotel at Le Bain last night in celebration of the launch and we had a chance to leaf through the book. And let us say, it is super cool. At $30, it'll make for a great gift and conversation starter, but even more, each poster's on a perforated page, so they can be detached and framed for your wall!

Artist-DJ Jon Santos of Common Space provided the beats 
and artwork ("Washington Monument", pictured below) for the book.

Some of our favorites:

Strong visuals can often be affective tools in getting individuals to make changes for the better. Now we just need some Top 40 hits with a green message! Take a look at the digital versions of the posters and other works here.

--- Viv

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