Plastic Horses

What already seems like an unreal three dimensional rendering of ethereal drawings of horses reveals an even more incredible layer of craftsmanship up close - these galloping horse sculptures are made of mostly used and discarded plastic objects in their original, unaltered form. Japanese-born artist Sayaka Kajita Ganz, who works in Fort Wayne, IN, began with a metal frame then used these reclaimed plastic everyday items found in every household (and their trash bins) to build the sculptures. Choosing not to alter these objects, Sayaka selects items carefully for their original shapes, giving a whole new meaning to repurposing.

This piece is currently on display at Grand Valley Artists at Alten Place in Grand Rapids, MI. If you're not in the area, check out these images below or more at the artist's website.

Images from the artist's site. See other cool animal sculptures created from trash at Treehugger.

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