Portable Pools?

Rendering from the NYT article.

As we scoured the news in our daily morning routine, we came across this article. For the first three Saturdays in August, The Bloomberg Administration will be placing three giant portable pools on the east side of Park Avenue between 40th & 41st Avenue. We say giant - they are each 8 feet wide by 22 feet long, and 5 1/2 feet at its deepest, and they're refurnished dumpsters. A five-foot wide rubber-covered metal deck will surround the pools, and portable showers, toilets, and changing cabanas will also be available. Crunch, the fitness gym chain, will be donating lifeguard services.

Image from Macro Sea, the company behind the pools.

What about hygiene, you say? Will there be that urine-revealing chemical? These portable pools will be trucked in then filled with water for swimming. Nowhere in the diagram does it show a drainage function, and the Times' article talks about locking them up and moved to the curb with water inside when they reopen the street. We'll just have to see for ourselves, but in any case, this event definitely makes our list of Things That Happen Only In New York. 

The pools are open from 7am to 1pm on the first three Saturdays of August. 

--- Viv

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