Cafe Habana, which has only in recent years opened an outpost as a "eco-eatery", has now expanded to Malibu! Though we have yet to go to the new branch, we can say the Haban Outpost in Fort Greene is worth a visit. Not only is the food delicious (and you won't have to wait for an hour like you do at the Prince Street original), the Outpost has some very cool eco-friendly characteristics.

Giant solar panels creates energy to run the restaurant and rainwater is collected for flushing toilets. A fiber optic chandelier lights up the inside by bringing in sunlight from atop the roof, and the garbage bins are separated into compost, recyclables, and trash (like at Whole Foods!).

The best part, though, has got to be those smoothie bikes - a blender powered by bicycling. For a $1 less than regular price, you can literally make your own smoothie by hopping onto the bike and cycling to blend the ingredients in front of your eyes. Food always tastes better when you have to work for it, and this task sounds like it could be fun! Check out ABC 7's coverage of the bikes and Cafe Habana's green owner, Sean Meenan below.

All images were taken from Cafe Habana.

--- Viv

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