Thank You Les!

Farewell Les Line, a true Loomstate Hero! There's a handful of unique individuals who are no longer with us, although, remain cherished and honored by those of us who appreciate the enormous impact they had on our environmental ethics and conservation. John Muir, George Pinchot, Teddy Roosevelt to name a few . . Les Line was responsible for opening up the lens of the National Audubon Society to include what industry was doing to deplete ecological capital, and shed valuable light on irresponsible stewardship of Nature. He courageously published the uglier side of our commercial behavior, warning of the dangers of shipping oil across the Prince William Sound in Alaska, where 12 years later the Exxon Valdez would eventually run aground spilling 10.8 million gallons of crude oil into the sea. . yet all while building a magazine that some call the most beautiful of any sort in the English language. May we aspire to the integrity that Mr. Line upheld, for Les it was always about more than the birds, perhaps in the end life is simply for the birds . . and coyotes.

Read all of Les Line's posts at Audubon Magazine here.


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