Recipe for A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Yosemite Park. Image from I Go You Go.

We cannot wait for the long weekend to begin. If you're looking to do something active outdoors for Memorial Day Weekend, you might want to try these beautiful locations for a mini getaway.

Overnight Trips:

Yosemite Park - Needless to say, Yosemite is an enormous and stunning park, and it's only a 4-hour drive from San Francisco! There are several campgrounds and numerous planned activities offered like guided hikes, horseback riding, rafting, climbing, and biking. There are also hotels, guided bus tours, and golf for those looking for a less active stay. Make your reservations here.

Catskills Waterfall. Image taken from Catskills Trailkeeper.

The Catskills - This area spans four counties - Delaware, Greene, Ulster, and Sullivan. Whichever region you choose, there are a variety of campground choices, and outdoor activities like fishing, boating, biking, and even paintball!

Day Trips:

Storm King Art Center - Only a few hours from NYC, this is an easy day trip by car, bus or train. A vast area of grass, trees and hills, Storm King also houses a permanent collection of modern steel sculptures acquired since the 1960's. After a guided tour of the area, pick a nice spot and have a picnic.

Napa Valley - Great for a day or a full weekend, this popular wine country destination has great restaurants (especially in Yountville) to go with the wine. Wine tastings typically end at around 4pm, so if you plan on biking around, we recommend starting early.

Ditch Plains Surfers. Image by photographer Gordon M. Grant.

Montauk - Surf all day at Ditch Plains Beach, then relax and hang out at our favorite boutique hotel Surf Lodge.

For your adventures, you'll need:

A Hemp Tent (it fits 6 adults!) if you choose to camp. This one has an easy setup, has multiple vents, bug nets, and can withstand heat from cooking right next to it. From Green Outdoors via Treehugger.

A comfortable, easy sweater for the chilly nights. 
We like the Clint Hoodie for its snug hood, multiple pockets, and soft touch.

A roomy tote bag to carry everything from the picnic sandwiches and condiments to your wetsuit and coverups. 
This new organic cotton tote is durable, expandable, and has inside pockets for keys and things.

And sunblock, of course. UV Natural Sunscreen has much fewer chemicals than conventional sunscreens have but remain true to its SPF claims.

Here's to a great weekend!


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