The Oil Spill update & how we can help

 Photo by the U.S. Coast Guard, taken from Planet Green.

Oil is still leaking at an alarming rate. We can all do our part to help alleviate the dire consequences facing the wildlife in the surrounding areas, and all the people whose livelihoods are dependent on that ecosystem. Read more on the spill and its implications - Planet Green, NRDC's blog, and The Nature Conservancy blog give frequent and organized updates on different aspects of the situation. The NY Times has a "Track the Spill" map, showing, from the start to now, where the oil has spilled, and a graphic summary, which puts into perspective the gravity of the spill.

Taking action is easy. Compiling information from Planet Green, MSNBC, and Oceana, here are just a few ways to help:

- Tell your senators through Oceana or NRDC your stance against offshore drilling.
- Visit or Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana to join the cleanup organization.
- Mobile Baykeeper doesn't need volunteers yet, but sign up so they can contact you when they do. They also encourage picking up debris and garbage along the shore to make the potential shore cleanup more efficient.
- Audubon has a comprehensive Take Action page.
- BP has released additional numbers for volunteering and reporting oiled wildlife.
- The Oiled Wildlife Care Network is asking for volunteers and donations.
- Follow Deepwater Horizon Response on Facebook and @Oil_Spill_2010 on Twitter to get updates and ask questions.
- Make a donation to National Wildlife Federation on the web, text "WILDLIFE" to 20222 to donate $10, or join their on-the-ground volunteer effort.
- Help vulnerable communities by donating to Oxfam America.
- Get a haircut! [Update: BP will not being using hair to help the oil cleanup.]

Comment below if you know of other ways to take action!



Dark Truth said...

This was REALLY helpful. I have been looking for a round up like this for a few days. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Thank you for reading!