creative capitalism - it's not sexy but it's interesting

Creative Capitalism is blog that served as a web experiment designed to produce a book. Creative Capitalism: A Conversation with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Other Economic Leaders -- a collection of essays and commentary on capitalism, philanthropy and global development. The book takes as its starting point a speech Bill Gates delivered this January at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In it, he said that many of the world's problems are too big for philanthropy--even on the scale of the Gates Foundation. And he said that the free-market capitalist system itself would have to solve them.

For all of us that speak English. This is a blog that served as a platform for economical discussion / debate on how to incorporate philantropy and sustainability into the corporate world. The view points were gathered, sorted, sliced and diced into a book.

Here's a link to the actual blog and an interview Caroline Walker of conducted with Conor Clarke the man behind the blog.

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